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I’m Jackie, the ever optimistic, dreamer, planner and lifetime learner behind Sugar and Money. I am so determined to pay off the last of my debt that I am crazy enough to document the journey for whoever is interested to see. I hope to show that becoming debt free is totally possible but definitely a conscious choice that has to be made constantly. What you may not see a lot of is my awesome husband Henry that listens to all my crazy ideas, takes the photos for this blog and definitely balances out my inner Libra. We are parents to an adorable, awesome and full of energy daughter, Lauren (Lolo), who is our living and breathing WHY.

I’ve had a strong interest in personal finances for years and personally know the struggles of being in debt while also trying to enjoy life. At Sugar and Money those worlds collide to balance out defining and living your sweet life while giving yourself permission to have sweet finances. After all, no one wants to be in debt and everyone wants a nice vacation or treat from time to time. It may just take redefining that vacation or treat. Follow along as I document how I paid off $60,000 in debt (car loan, credit cards, a few student loans) and how I will live a sweet life while paying off the last remaining $39,000 of student loans (As of February 2019).

Paid off Debts:
*$23,000 Car – Paid off early – in full.
*$20,000 Credit Card Debt – All paid off. Nothing written off.
*$21,000 Student Loan Debt – 6 loan Groups Paid Off with 4 to go

Current Debt:
*$39,000 Student Loan Debt (4 Loan Groups)

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