Set of 7 Printable Cash Envelopes

Cash Envelopes for Budgetting 

7 Printable Cash Envelopes with easy to follow directions to assemble. 

18.54MB PDF File

USD 7.00

Cash envelopes are a good way to budget for things you want to control your spending around. There is more of a connection to spending cash versus swiping your debit card.

Ideas of areas where cash envelopes could be useful: eating out, shopping, grocery shopping, make up, spending cash, etc.

Six steps are involved:

  1. Download, Print and Assemble your envelopes.
  2. Write the name of the category on the front of your envelope "eating out"
  3. Set the amount you will spend on this category.
  4. Get the amount of cash out of the ATM or from your bank.
  5. Now each time you eat out, you will only spend from what is in the envelope.
  6. Track the spending/deposits on the back of the envelope.

With this set - you have 7 different envelopes to use for a variety of categories.

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